xDSL Service Provider - North America

LTC’s client, an xDSL service provider, was experiencing OSS implementation problems which were delaying launch.

LTC’s troubleshooting team rescued the implementation of key operational support systems by successfully interpreting the client’s business requirements for the vendor’s implementation team, allowing the vendor to complete commissioning of the systems. LTC acted as an intelligent interpreter to translate the business intentions of the client into the technical language expected by the vendor in order to complete configuration of the system.

Within six weeks of the start of the LTC project, we had facilitated detailed business policy decisions that enabled completion of the implementation of order management and billing systems that had been stalled for more than six months. The team went on to complete configuration of CRM system within two weeks.

LTC also conducted an operations readiness assessment that uncovered and fixed previously unsuspected process failures. We brought together disparate (and previously non-communicating) operational groups and designed new and effective business processes that were enthusiastically embraced by user communities.