Insider’s TeleManagement World - TMW Americas 2006

We take a look at the Fall TeleManagement World Americas 2006 conference, through the lens of an insider, Wedge Greene. Wedge has participated in the TMF for over a decade and currently sits on the TMW Advisory Board. He recounts the highlights of his four days at the conference and provides personal commentary and opinions on the conference trends and industry directions. He looks at new initiatives inside the TMF Advisory Board Meeting; reviews the Keynotes and the special sessions including the Operator Roundtable, Converged Operations Summit and the Executive Master Class.

Wedge also looks at progress made by the working teams; the recent merger of OSS/J and NGOSS resulting in the TMF PrOSSpero program. The application of TMF standards work is covered in a look at NGOSS Catalyst’s Labs and in real world examples of BT 21C and Telstra. Wedge’s optimistic assessment of the TMF’s role and progress to date can be understood given his long standing role in the TMF and as a creator of NGOSS. Tempering this view, Barbara Lancaster has added in a few counterpoints throughout Wedge’s report helping pointing out where more work is required if service providers are to reap the intended benefits.

[An extract was in Pipeline Magazine, Jan 2007]

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Published: 12/13/2006


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