The New Telecom Ecosystem: # 2 - Complex Systems & Autonomic Networks

- a blog series by Wedge Greene

Collected from Blog entries of Wedge Greene in the summer of 2006 (read first “#1 - Preparing for the New Ecosystem”).

As an aid in helping the reader reach the same paradigm changing conclusions that I reached in the late ‘90’s, I give a personal history that lead to these new approaches. I was not alone in this journey and participate in a community which was collectively exploring this new territory. Many minds came to the conclusion that we were viewing networks wrong, and in this exploration, I particularly saw this had a profound impact on how network management should occur. The companion first half of this collection of themed blogs from the summer of 2006, described the development of NewWave OSS and the start of the NGOSS program - our first attempt at a solution. But NGOSS, as my team conceived it, was always to be an interim step to an even more advanced management paradigm…

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Published: 07/06/2006


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