Architects Anonymous: Rehab for Telecom

By Wedge Greene & Barbara Lancaster

The world of telecom systems projects is in need of rehab after the excesses of the past. For too many years service providers have accepted that OSS/BSS projects will costs millions of dollars and show little tangible improvement in business performance. We have become dependent on binge projects: bloated projects that never quite deliver on time, on budget or on scope, and never achieve the business transformation expected.

After years of denial, the competitive pressures on the industry are creating an awareness of the need for change. Having reached the bottom - it is time to recognize our problem, face up to it, and break away from our dependency on the comfortably inefficient old ways in order to reap the benefits that accrue to the nimble and the swift.

LTC International offers a Ten Point Program for those who no longer want to suffer from projects that just don’t deliver to plan. In our little drama, the Architects Anonymous Program, we present how those who have been there and suffered too, can accompany you on your way to success. We use the TMF’s programs as examples and starting points for our OSS/BSS transformation, but do not stop there.

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Author: Wedge Greene
Published: 09/07/2007


Wedge Greene is a consultant for LTC International.

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