Who's Your Daddy? The Characteristics and Drivers of FMC.

By Wedge Greene and Barbara Lancaster

What are the characteristics and drivers for Fixed Mobile Convergence [FMC] and how will these shape the structure of service providers? Are these drivers sufficiently strong, and the technical and operational hurdles sufficiently low, to allow FMC to succeed? Given the new ecosystem players and advanced service features that FMC brings to our market, can we do planning and business as usual? We review the current environment for FMC success and lay out the operational and OSS/BSS infrastructure requirements needed if we assume FMC succeeds. We are not optimistic that traditional OSS/BSS applications and the current operational processes and organizational domains of operators are up to this task.

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Author: Wedge Greene
Published: 05/30/2007


Wedge Greene is a consultant for LTC International.

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