The future is here. Are you ready?

by Wedge Greene

Recent introductions of two new mobile applications are the tip of a future iceberg which demands a rethinking of service provider economic models.

These new applications use mobile phones, WiFi networks, and independent service creators to establish local communication groups, completely bypassing any network services. With pervasive computing we have been lead to believe in a network that connects all things such as the classic example of Vint Surf and his internet connected toaster. This was the future scaling burden of the service provider.

But what is actually evolving is pandemic networks - lots of small to medium sized networks interconnected as ponds in a mesh with little or no service provider involvement. Devices and services now can and will increasingly interact in meshed peer groups.

The only thing missing is a mechanism for routing information from one mesh to the next to get to distant pond networks. SIP could do this. Does SIP really stand for Swansong for Internet Providers? We suggest one possible response strategy in our recent article at Pipeline Publications: The coEvolution of Networks and Devices.


Author: Wedge Greene
Published: 09/09/2008


Wedge Greene is a consultant for LTC International.

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