About LTC

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What We Do

LTC’s expertise is founded on a deep understanding of the telecommunications industry, its business challenges, technology and operations. Our project teams and consultants work with our telecom industry clients to: develop market and technology strategies; design and implement new and improved operational environments (processes and systems); develop new products and services; provide independent and objective advice and insights on the telecommunications industry and its direction.

LTC project teams and consultants …

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The LTC Team

LTC has brought together a diverse team of business, technology, and process experts - many are industry thought-leaders in their specializations. Most have significant histories, leading advancements and solving problems associated with the delivery of telecommunications services. Our strengths are the breadth of experience and depth of knowledge of our team. These exceptional assets are here for you to leverage and will show up where you need them.

We are You: Most LTC people were, at some time, experienced telecom executives, operational specialists, senior technologists or lead architects. So we all speak the language of telecom and understand the real challenges of running telecom businesses and moving them forward through changes in the regulatory, economic and technology environments.

LTC is international: We have offices and representatives in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Our consultants are located worldwide and are the kind of experienced people who are happy to climb on a plane to work with our clients where ever they are. They have worked for well over 100 client companies in more than 30 countries in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

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LTC’s Distinctive Approach

Our attitude and approach is different from most companies in this industry.