LTC Core Team

Short profiles of key members of the LTC Team

LTC international is led by a team of telecom industry specialists with hands-on practical experience and a track record of innovation and success in telecom sector companies around the world.

Barbara Lancaster - President and CEO
Barbara LancasterBarbara Lancaster is President and CEO of LTC International Inc. Barbara brings in-depth experience of the telecommunications industry from a number of perspectives: the market for services, the market for technology, and the importance of operations excellence in delivering results for service providers and for suppliers to the industry.
Prior to founding LTC International, Barbara worked in telecommunications companies for more than twenty-five years, during which period she held a wide range of positions in telecommunications customer service and billing management. She has led large-scale projects to define and implement state-of-the-art systems solutions for customer care and is an acknowledged authority in this field, specializing in user requirements analysis, systems design, data analysis, sales prospecting and methods development. As a management consultant, she works with a wide range of clients worldwide to create and implement customer care, provisioning and billing solutions, organization strategies, and market position strategies. Barbara also provides expert support in legal cases involving service provider operations, networks or OSS/BSS applications.
Barbara has a well-established reputation as an effective and powerful communicator, as a trainer and as a professional speaker. She is a high-energy presenter, and involves her audiences actively in the event.
Peter Gilligan - VP, Client Services
Peter GilliganAs VP, Client Services Peter Gilligan oversees the delivery of all LTC projects globally and actively participates in business development.
Peter has worked in telecommunications and utilities for over 25 years moving from customer service through systems development to consulting. Peter has been with LTC International since 1999, first in the role of Director, BSS/OSS Consulting. He then spent five years in Sydney, Australia representing LTC’s interests in the Asia-Pacific region, and returned in 2006 to LTC’s Headquarters in Richardson, TX to take up the VP, Client Services position.
Peter has worked extensively throughout Asia-Pacific, North America and South America providing services in strategic consulting, software development and project management to telecom service providers, equipment vendors, and software vendors. Peter has a degree in Information Technology from Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.
Wedge Greene - Strategic Specialist
Wedge GreeneWedge Greene is LTC’s senior OSS/BSS strategic specialist, providing consulting services to LTC’s clients in the areas of systems evolution, architecture and strategy. A well known analyst, Wedge is a regular contributor to Pipeline Publications, to LTC’s Inside Out column, and other publications. He is a thought leader in the emerging domain of Autonomic Communications.
Wedge is the initiator of the TeleManagement Forum’s (TMF) program of New Generation Operations Support Systems (NGOSS). He is a past TMF Board Director and Advisor to the TMF. He has authored numerous patents and RFCs. He has been centrally involved in the earliest introductions of major communications technologies, networks, support system innovations, and software architecture. Wedge championed advances to the fields of distributed computing, internet middleware, component architectures, BPM, collaboration, virtualization, SOA, security, and business service grids. As a CTO in pre-investment startups, he gained experience with venture capitalists. Prior to this he was a Distinguished Technical Member at MCI & WorldCom: responsible for the architecture and future direction of their operations support systems.
Trevor Hayes - VP and Strategic Specialist
Trevor HayesTrevor’s primary role is to work with the LTC executive team to define company strategy, direction and target markets. Trevor also provides support for key client projects, in particular those involving corporate strategy and technology issues, industry analysis, technology evolution and selection, business troubleshooting, and change management.
Trevor has worked in the telecommunications sector for over thirty years and has a proven track record of achievement in improving quality and cost-effectiveness, and designing, planning and implementing large-scale changes in organization, technology and business operations. He provided executive level support to a range of companies in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas in the areas of corporate strategy development, business planning, process improvement, company mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, and technology selection and implementation.
Russell Lee - Strategic Specialist and MD Europe
Russell Lee heads up LTC Europe, a subsidiary of LTC International Inc. Russell also provides hands-on support for key client projects, in particular those involving corporate strategy, network technology investment, operations planning, organization development and change management.
Russell LeeRussell is a telecommunications professional with wide-ranging senior management experience in general management, customer service operations, network operations and network development. He has significant experience in large-scale change management and has successfully brought together cross- functional teams to achieve stretching objectives. He has consistently demonstrated an ability to manage projects, conquer organizational politics and deliver results through clear vision, planning, highly developed interpersonal skills and teamwork. Russell has traveled extensively in Europe and Asia providing consultancy services to BT’s International Alliance Partners and latterly to LTC International’s clients.
Sean O’Reilly - Network Operations Specialist
Sean O'ReillySean O’Reilly is LTC’s senior specialist in network management and operations. Sean provides consulting services to LTC’s clients in the areas of operations improvement, NOC design and implementation, diagnostics and management systems and employee training.
Sean has extensive experience working with clients throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Support Team

Penny Brown - Office Manager
Penny BrownPenny Brown is LTC International’s Office Manager. Penny looks after the company’s accounts and administration, and manages the companies facilities, and arranges for the mobilization of LTC consultants to project assignments around the world. She also provides first-line technical support to the office team and to the worldwide team of consultants.
Lorrie Puchala - Resources and Contracts Manager
Lorrie PuchalaAs Resources and Contract Manager for LTC International, Lorrie is responsible for developing, managing, and deploying LTC’s worldwide network of expert consultants. Prior to joining LTC, Lorrie developed her skills in a variety of private sector and government roles, acquiring experience and insights across a broad range of industries. She is an experienced human resources specialist employment counselor and manager with well-developed interviewing, assessment, and counseling skills.
Judith Lee - Industry Researcher
Judith LeeJudith is LTC’s chief press cuttings analyst. Judith has extensive knowledge of the telecom industry. She has a comprehensive RSS list covering sources from around the world, and an acute eye for items of interest to people in the media-telecom community.