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The co-Evolution of Networks and Devices: Autonomics and Device Management
by Wedge Greene & Trevor Hayes
Our world of communications just keeps getting bigger. So too does our job of managing this burgeoning world. Today we can see that our historical ability to manage millions of connections is going to have to somehow scale to manage tomorrow’s trillions of devices. We propose a composite Service and…
October 1, 2008
The future is here. Are you ready?
by Wedge Greene
Recent introductions of two new mobile applications are the tip of a future iceberg which demands a rethinking of service provider economic models. WalkingHotSpot, from TapRoot Systems, “uses the WiFi...
September 9, 2008
Cloud Control
by Wedge Greene & Trevor Hayes
While “Cloud Computing” is a hot, new marketing term, the cloud is an actual thing owned by a company providing a service. A Cloud is formed by spinning applications out into the network and letting them float as needed. The cloud is network virtualization of applications, and perhaps also of…
July 17, 2008
The Unification of Contact Centers, SOCs and NOCs
Talk at Management World Nice by Wedge Greene
Service Providers and vendors see the need for increased corporate/client cohesion. Customer self service was seen as a means of offloading work and gathering better data; however, customers have not embraced self-service and it not always appropriate. Often, personal contact is needed. For this, we use Contact Centers - but…
May 8, 2008
Project Management 2.0: Collaborative Communications
by Wedge Greene & Barbara Lancaster
According to the Standish Group, only half of all projects meet even partial success with only one third meeting a majority of goals. Clearly we must do better; we need to do more to solve the continuing project killer: poor communications. However, project management tools and methods are essentially what…
May 2, 2008
A book review of Application Integration Using the SID
by Wedge Greene
A book review by Wedge Greene, LTC International: Application Integration Using the SID by John Reilly and John Wilmes, published by the TM Forum, April 2008. Appeared in Pipeline Magazine, 05 2008…
May 1, 2008
From Walled Garden to Community Garden: Collaborating in a Competitive World
by Wedge Greene & Trevor Hayes
The economic drivers of Edge service providers and those of Core service providers are not the same. The Edge (companies providing devices or over- the-top services) represents the new generation of service providers - innovative, flexible and somewhat impatient, they are accustomed to a business environment with a relatively low…
April 1, 2008
Edge/Core Collaboration: Navigating the Ocean
by Wedge Greene & Trevor Hayes
It would seem to a disinterested observer that the future of the telecom industry will be decided by the victory of one armed camp or another. There are the Edge service providers offering OTT services who see the Network service providers as mere bit-carriers, and therefore easily replaceable albeit at…
March 14, 2008
Comptel Plus - Spring 2008 Convention & Expo
Show review by Peter Gilligan
The Comptel Plus Spring Convention traveled to Nashville this year and was held at the impressive Gaylord Opryland Resort. Around 2,500 telecom folk from network providers, service providers, telecom and regulatory consulting firms, BSS/OSS vendors, hardware vendors and interested onlookers converged for the show - Comptel’s best attended show so…
February 29, 2008
Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, February 2008
Barbara Lancaster and Trevor Hayes
Mobile World Congress continues to grow and diversify. It’s not getting prettier as it matures, but it still serves a purpose. Around 55,000 delegates turned up to the Barcelona conference center, which for four days holds the population of a good-size town, but with not so many bathrooms. 1200 companies…
February 22, 2008
TeleRenaissance: target Autonomic Communications
Presentation by Wedge Greene of LTC
Wedge Greene recently (Feb 7, 2008) represented LTC International with a talk introducing Autonomic Communications as the future of telcom management at the OnPoint “Transforming OSS” conference in Dallas. This is the PowerPoint presentation.…
February 7, 2008
Service Delivery Frameworks: The Service Provider’s Mashup
by Wedge Greene & Trevor Hayes
Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) are being built by dozens of vendors. And dozens more are contributing bits and parts to various SDP. Yet every SDP is different and mutually incompatible. Further, some SDPs support and leverage IMS while others do not. Into this mess, the TMF has stepped forward with…
January 2, 2008
Over the Top Services
By Wedge Greene & Barbara Lancaster
Today the debate over Over-the-Top services (OTT) rages across media, service provider planning teams, and now the TeleManagement Forum. Partly this debate is about business models, partly about legality and regulation, partly about what technology to allow and to leverage, and lastly it is about consumer and business desire for…
December 1, 2007
Comptel Plus Conference Dallas 2007
by Barbara Lancaster and Wedge Greene
Barbara Lancaster and Wedge Greene covered the Fall (October 7, 8, 9, 2007) Comptel Plus CLEC show at The Gaylord Texan Convention Center, Dallas, Texas for Pipeline Publications. (from Pipeline, Nov 2007)…
November 2, 2007
NPI for Life: Collaborate for Better Products
By Wedge Greene & Barbara Lancaster
What is happening with old style product launch processes? What was good and should be kept? What needs to change? We find there is a time for speed to market, and a time when “speed kills”. New processes must balance the need for speed against the time required to capture…
November 1, 2007
Architects Anonymous: Rehab for Telecom
By Wedge Greene & Barbara Lancaster
The world of telecom systems projects is in need of rehab after the excesses of the past. For too many years service providers have accepted that OSS/BSS projects will costs millions of dollars and show little tangible improvement in business performance. We have become dependent on binge projects: bloated projects…
September 7, 2007
Self-* Networks: Helping Networks Help Themselves
By Wedge Greene and Barbara Lancaster
Autonomic Networks - Autonomic Communication
By Wedge Greene and Barbara Lancaster
Tit-for-Tat: Meeting Customer Expectations
By Wedge Greene & Barbara Lancaster
LTC Mini-survey on SOA and IMS - UPDATE June 2007
Who's Your Daddy? The Characteristics and Drivers of FMC.
By Wedge Greene and Barbara Lancaster
Observations from TeleManagement World 2007
By Barbara Lancaster
LTC Opinion Survey - IMS and SOA
LTC Mini-Survey on SOA and IMS MARCH 2007
Wireless IP Access: A Case Study
NGOSS is the New Mainstream
- Commentary by Wedge Greene
Carrier-Grade: Five Nines, the Myth and the Reality
- by Wedge Greene & Barbara Lancaster
Buying Telecom Futures
- by Wedge Greene
Avoiding Future Schlock - The Real Life Application of Game Theory
- by Wedge Greene & Barbara Lancaster
Insider’s TeleManagement World - TMW Americas 2006
Unintended Consequences
- by Wedge Greene & Barbara Lancaster
Customer Service in the Enhanced Contact Center
- by Wedge Greene & Barbara Lancaster
I Got Them Last Mile Blues
- by Wedge Greene & Barbara Lancaster
Complexity in the Business and Management of IPTV
- by Wedge Greene & Barbara Lancaster
Autonomic QoS & Collaboration Systems
Published as Helping Systems Help Themselves, in Pipeline, July 2006
The New Telecom Ecosystem: #1 - Preparing for the New Ecosystem
- a blog series by Wedge Greene
The New Telecom Ecosystem: # 2 - Complex Systems & Autonomic Networks
- a blog series by Wedge Greene
Complex Systems & Autonomic Networks, Part 1: Genesis of NewWave
A blog series from 2006 by Wedge Greene - now available as a single paper.
The New Telecom Ecosystem, Part 1: Series Introduction
A blog series from 2006 by Wedge Greene - now available as a single paper.
IMS Call Session Control and Quality of Service
Published in Pipeline, May 2006.
Autonomic QoS & Collaboration Systems
The Cost of Complexity
There’s the Rub: Service Provider Pain Points
Published in Pipeline
Linked .pdf file only.The Yellow Brick Road: Choosing a successful OSS evolution path.
Published in Pipeline - May 2004
Linked .pdf file only.The Attack of the Killer Assumptions
Why some projects go so badly wrong
Linked .pdf file only.Competition in Telecoms
If competition is a good thing, let’s move to IP.
Linked .pdf file only.More OSS Projects in the Pipeline?
Service providers must find real value for money this time.
Linked .pdf file only.Convergence - Miles to Go.
Why so slow when everyone agrees it’s a good idea?
Linked .pdf file only.Growing Pains in a Maturing Market.
Some thoughts from Billing World 2002.
Linked .pdf file only.Investor confidence and economic growth.
Some speculative thoughts from Supercomm 2002.
Linked .pdf file only.Working with Consultants.
Suggestions for getting value for money.
Linked .pdf file only.ENUM.
A Protocol with Big-time Ambition.
Linked .pdf file only.Carriers on the Move.
Slower, but steadier - and not dead.
Linked .pdf file only.The Public Gigabit Ethernet Race.
Some of the hares are in financial trouble.
Linked .pdf file only.Service Provider Call Centers.
Cutting costs, satisfying customers with technology - and people.
Linked .pdf file only.In search of Differentiation
Ultimately, it’s price and performance that count.
Linked .pdf file only.Carrier Cost Containment.
No room for false savings.
Linked .pdf file only.Meeting challenges, avoiding pain.
The need for super-efficient operations for service providers.
Linked .pdf file only.Creating Early Adopters for New Network Technology
After solutions, real solutions?
Linked .pdf file only.Telecom Legislation
Tauzin and Dingell define the future?
Linked .pdf file only.The Future of Fiber
Does glass still have class?
Linked .pdf file only.OSS World 2002
In search of silver linings.
Linked .pdf file only.Leading the charge to New Generation OSS
Where is the gorilla?
Linked .pdf file only.US Wireless Industry Regulation 2002
Who wins, Who loses?
Linked .pdf file only.Who is going to buy the technology?
Why this lopsided funding?
Linked .pdf file only.Is a Service Bureau the Magic Answer?
Can outsourcing your IT department solve business problems?
Linked .pdf file only.Public Broadband Wireless Access
Can a new technology really provide an instant business opportunity?
Linked .pdf file only.Buy it, Bite it, Spit it Out
Network hardware vendors exit the OSS application arena.
Linked .pdf file only.Stop Whining - Get a Coach
Are CLEC complaints about ILEC non-cooperation valid?
Linked .pdf file only.NGOSS - the future or missed opportunity?
Synopsis of presentation to MTBC Richardson, Texas.
Linked .pdf file only.Billing System Selection
Some practical hints for Service Providers on evaluating and selecting a billing system.
Linked .pdf file only.Swimming with Sharks
Can small-fish operators survive and grow?
Linked .pdf file only.Impact of Call Center Technology
How new call center technologies impact people and processes.
Linked .pdf file only.Team Effort
Sharing the blame for failures in competitive telecommunications.
Speed kills
How speed may be killing telecom service providers.
Procure in Haste
Buying network and OSS technology means living with your decisions for a long time. How to increase your chances of success.
How to succeed by really trying.
Six essential hints for start-up Service Providers.

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