Press Clippings: May 2008

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Docsis 3.0 Coming to NYC.

Source: Light Reading.

Unlike Comcast Corp., Time Warner Cable Inc. has been playing its Docsis 3.0 cards close to the vest, not letting much of anything leak about what it intends to do with a new “Wideband” cable modem platform that will pump out shared Internet speeds in excess of 100 Mbit/s.
Well, Time Warner Cable president and CEO Glenn Britt showed some of his hand Friday morning, noting that the MSO is going to begin testing Docsis 3.0 in New York “later this year.”

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With Motion, Cisco Seeks To Extend Reach.

Source: Information Week.

John Chambers has been talking for a couple of years now about transforming the way enterprises use and manage IT resources. With Cisco Motion, he’s finally poised to deliver.
Cisco last week unveiled Motion, its new brand for mobile and wireless technology, along with an appliance, called the Cisco 3300 Series Mobility Services Engine (MSE) and due next month, that’s designed to manage devices and applications across both wireless and wired networks.

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Skynet military launch postponed.

Source: BBC News.

The launch of the third and final satellite in the UK’s next-generation military space communications network has been delayed by a few days.
The Skynet 5C platform was due to fly from French Guiana on Friday but technicians called a halt to the countdown just hours before lift-off.
Software on the launch vehicle did not behave normally during a test sequence.
Skynet 5 is intended to provide British forces with a secure, high-bandwidth capability through to 2020.
Taken together, the three Skynet spacecraft - known as 5A, 5B and 5C - will provide coverage from the Americas to Asia.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Optical boffins cut the cost of quantum cryptography.

Source: The Register.

Boffins at the National Institute of Standards and Technology are trialling advanced optical techniques aimed at reducing the price of quantum cryptography systems.
The new quantum key distribution approach reduces the required number of single photon detectors, which can cost anything between US$5K-$20K and are the most costly component of quantum cryptography systems.
Quantum cryptography allows two users on an optical fibre network to exchange secret keys. Each bit of the key is encoded upon a single light particle (or ‘photon’). Intercepting this data randomly changes the polarization of the light, irreversibly altering the data.
Because of this quantum mechanics effect any attempt by an eavesdropper to determine a key corrupts the same key with noise. Quantum cryptography systems discard these corrupt keys and only use codes that are known to be secure.

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Chief of Vodafone Unexpectedly Resigns.

Source: New York TImes.

The chief executive of Vodafone, Arun Sarin, who steered the cellphone operator in a sometimes tempestuous five-year pursuit of growth, will resign at the end of July, the company said on Tuesday.
He will be succeeded by Vittorio A. Colao, his 46-year-old deputy chief executive, who said he would continue Mr. Sarin’s push to expand into Africa and Asia.

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Net neutrality bill introduced in Canada.

Source: The Inquirer

Canada is introducing legislation which will limit the amount of control Canadian ISPs can exert over their subscribers.
The New Democratic Party wants to amend the country’s Telecommunications Act to stop network operators tinkering with their networks.
The wording of the amendment says an ISP could be in hot water if it favours, degrades or prioritises any content, application or service transmitted over a broadband network based on its source, ownership or destination.

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EU calls for net address upgrade

Source: BBC

Work to migrate Europe to the net’s new addressing system must speed up, says the European Commission.
The call to action is contained in a plan sent to the European Parliament urging governments and top websites in the region to head the migration.
It warns that internet-based innovation could be derailed as the current pool of addresses is used up.
The plan sets a target of 25% of net users in the EU to be using the new system by 2010.

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Another Suitor For South Africa’s MTN.


South Africa’s largest mobile telecommunications operator, MTN, is proving to be hotter than any telecoms play one might find in the fast-growing markets in India and China: just look at the lineup of its suitors over recent years. China Mobile, Vodafone, Telkom South Africa and most recently Bharti Airtel have flirted with the company at one time or another. Now another Indian suitor has entered the picture.
On Monday, Reliance Communications, India’s second-largest mobile telecoms operator, part of Indian billionaire Anil Ambani’s corporate empire, announced in a terse statement that it is entering into a 45-day exclusive negotiation with MTN regarding “a potential combination of their businesses” and that “negotiations are currently taking place and a further announcement will be made when appropriate.”
Ambani stepped in just days after India’s largest wireless telecoms operator, Bharti Airtel, was forced to abandon an proposed acquisition for MTN

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Qualcomm’s Plaza To Enable Easier Mobile Widgets.

Source: Information Week.

Building on the growing personalization demand in mobile Web access, Qualcomm announced on Wednesday a platform-neutral widget solution that will let mobile operators and developers produce and deliver Internet-based content across devices.
The end-to-end framework, dubbed Plaza, will use basic Web standards for development. This will allow the existing Web development community to create widgets for the mobile Internet, while not excluding traditional mobile application developers, and even allow user-generated widgets.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

PBT Sidelined at BT

Source: Light Reading

It’s the news that the Provider Backbone Transport camp had feared: BT Group plc is sidelining its former carrier Ethernet favorite and will focus its data services strategy on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS).
According to a source with knowledge of BT’s plans, PBT (or Provider Backbone Bridge - Traffic Engineering, as it’s known in the standards world) doesn’t have what it takes to meet BT’s customers’ requirements, so the carrier has decided to build its Ethernet services strategy around MPLS instead.

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Wireless Broadband To Boost U.S. Economy.

Source: Information Week.

Over the next 10 years, mobile broadband implementation is expected to generate US$860 billion in additional GDP, a CTIA study finds.
The continued adoption of wireless broadband technologies will have a major positive impact on the U.S. economy, according to a new report by the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association).
Being able to access the Internet on-the-go is expected to generate US$860 billion in additional gross domestic product in the next decade due to productivity gains, according to the report entitled “The Increasing Important Impact of Wireless Broadband Technology and Services on the U.S. Economy.”
The report, conducted by technology consulting firm Ovum, found that 25% of businesses utilized wireless broadband in 2005. That figure is expected to leap to 83% in 2016, Ovum said.

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KPN tempts Dutch customers with mobile TV.

Source: The Register.

KPN will become the first operator in Europe to launch a nationwide mobile TV service when it begins broadcasting 10 channels across DVB-H next month.
The Dutch operator’s service kicks off from June 5 and it will offer TV-hungry customers two handsets, the LG KB620 and the Samsung P960, which can receive the broadcasts.
DVB-H is the handheld version of DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial) system for digital terrestrial television) and was formally adopted as ETSI standard EN 302 304 in November 2004.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Orascom invests in mobile ad firm.

Source: BWCS.

Egyptian-based mobile powerhouse Orascom Telecom has invested US$10m. in mobile advertising and marketing outfit MyScreen Mobile Inc. The move will see Orascom become a minority investor and give MyScreen access to the mobile operator’s extensive customer base.
Orascom boasts over 70m. subscribers spread across the Middle East, Africa and Southern Asia. In addition it has some 18m. subscribers to its affiliate companies Wind Italy and Wind Greece.

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Ottawa kicks off spectrum auction.

Source: The Globe and Mail.

Canada’s auction of new wireless airwaves got off to a surprising start Tuesday as one bidder that had announced its withdrawal last week unexpectedly appeared on the field.
In the second round of a multiple-stage auction that could go on for a month, 6934579 Canada Inc. was among the top 10 bidders.
Those ahead of it included wireless entrant hopefuls Shaw Communications, Globalive Communications, and Manitoba Telecom Services, along with cellphone incumbents Telus and Bell Mobility.

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Freenet gets FCO nod for Debitel takeover.

Source: TeleGeography.

It is reported that that Germany’s Federal Cartel Office (FCO) has agreed to Freenet’s takeover of rival Debitel for EUR1.63bn. (US$2.57bn.). Last week, ISP United Internet failed in a legal action seeking to stop MSO Freenet issuing new shares to help finance the takeover of mobile reseller Debitel.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vodafone ups stake in Germany’s Arcor.

Source: Digital Media Europe.

Mobile operator Vodafone has agreed to acquire an additional 26.4% stake in German fixed-line carrier Arcor, bringing its total holdings to 100%.
Arcor is an alternative fixed-line carrier in Germany with 2.6m DSL lines, representing a 14% market share.
Through the acquisition, Vodafone hopes to continue developing its fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) offering and to participate more effectively in the development of the German broadband market.

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Phone giant in Germany stirs a furor.

Source: NYT.

Germany has been engulfed in a national furor over threats to privacy, after an admission by Deutsche Telekom that it had surreptitiously tracked thousands of phone calls to identify the source of leaks to the news media about its internal affairs.
Deutsche Telekom said there had been “severe and far-reaching” misuse of private data involving contacts between board members and reporters.

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Reliance snaps up Vanco.

Source: Light Reading.

The ambitious Indian carrier, which recently formed an international business unit has made yet another acquisition, this time of struggling managed VPN service provider Vanco plc for US$76.9m. free of debt.
Vanco has a customer base of more than 220 multinational companies and currently generates annual revenues of around US$365m.

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Vodafone Italy to launch ADSL

Source: TeleGeography.

Vodafone Italy is to enter the country’s fixed broadband market with the planned launch of its Vodafone Station ADSL product. A commercial launch for both residential and business users is expected within the next few months. Vodafone Station will incorporate a modem which can be used in either a fixed or mobile set-up. Last year Vodafone acquired the Italian assets of the pan-European fixed line and broadband operator Tele2, giving its first toe-hold in Italy’s internet market.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

China orders 6 telecom companies to merge their assets.

Source: NYT.

China has told its six telecommunications companies to merge their assets, allowing fixed-line carriers to expand into wireless services and creating three operators that will offer phone and Internet connections to 1.3bn. people.
China will issue three third-generation wireless licenses after the overhaul is completed.
The revamp will help China Telecom and Netcom expand their operations to compete against China Mobile in China, the world’s biggest wireless and Internet market by users.

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Reliance and MTN confirm merger talks.

Source: TimesOnline.

MTN Group, Africa’s largest mobile phone operator, has entered into talks with Reliance Communications, India’s second-largest wireless operator, over a potential merger of the emerging markets telecoms giants.
The combination would have a customer base of more than 116m., annual revenue of around US$14bn. and footholds in some of the most attractive territories in the global mobile market across Africa, the Middle East and India.
Discussions between MTN and Bharti Airtel, India’s largest mobile operator, collapsed last week.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

US$50bn. telecom deal falls apart.

Source: NYT.

The world’s largest corporate deal in an emerging market, a tie-up worth nearly US$50bn. between two telecommunication companies, Bharti Airtel in India and MTN Group in South Africa, has come to a screeching halt.
Bharti called off negotiations after MTN turned Bharti’s takeover plan upside down, proposing to take over Bharti instead. After bankers from both sides had agreed in principle to a Bharti-controlled structure, MTN’s board met this week and proposed a different transaction, in which Bharti Airtel would become a subsidiary of MTN,

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Another bidder exits Canadian wireless auction.

Source: Globe and Mail.

For the second time in as many days, a major player vying for a slice of the Canadian cellphone market backed away from participating in the wireless spectrum auction that will begin on Tuesday.
The slate of entrants bidding to compete with incumbents Bell Canada, Telus Corp. and Rogers Communications Inc. for a share of Canada’s wireless industry was pared down further on Friday when a consortium of financiers known collectively as 6934579 Canada Inc. decided to withdraw its bid for airwaves.
Led by U.S. venture capital firms M/C Venture Partners and Columbia Capital, the group was one of the top bidders in the auction with an initial deposit of $154.9-million.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Fight for Yahoo board postponed.

Source: BBC.

Yahoo has postponed its annual meeting after disgruntled investor Carl Icahn threatened to launch a battle to oust the board.
Mr Icahn opposes Yahoo’s rejection of a takeover by Microsoft and plans to put forward his own slate of directors for shareholders to vote on.
Yahoo postponed the meeting, scheduled for 3 July, to an unspecified date later that month.

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Broadband controls on BT lifted.


Ofcom will remove strict controls on how BT sells wholesale broadband services in about 70% of the market, after finding the group faced strong competition in many urban areas.
However, the regulator said BT now faced strong competition in large towns and cities, with at least four wholesale internet providers serving the market.
Restrictions will remain in about 30% of the market, particularly in rural areas, where BT is still the only wholesale internet provider, or may have just a single competitor.

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Providence Equity to invest US$640m. in Idea Cellular.

Source: TeleGeography.

Providence Equity Partners will invest US$640m. in a unit of Idea Cellular, the Indian telecoms group, in one of the country’s biggest private equity deals. Providence’s investment in Aditya Birla Telecom (ABTL), a subsidiary of Idea Cellular, will fund the group’s mobile network expansion in Bihar.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time Warner to unplug cable.

Source: TeleGeography.

Time Warner’s board has given its seal of approval to plans to spin off its cable unit. The split is expected in the fourth quarter of 2008 and will take place in three stages. Time Warner will receive a US$10.9bn. dividend from the cable company which the newly created unit, Time Warner Cable, will take out loans to pay.

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Nokia and France Telecom form joint venture

Source: NYT.

Nokia and France Telecomhave announced that they have agreed to a joint venture to provide Internet services over mobile telephones in nine European countries.
Under the agreement, FT’s mobile phone unit, Orange, will provide its mobile music store, while Nokia will contribute digital mapping to enable location-based advertising and search services to Orange’s cell phone customers.

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Judges stick spoke in wheel of BCE takeover.

Source: TeleGeography.

The leveraged buyout of Canada’s largest telecoms group BCE by a consortium led by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan suffered a blow yesterday when the decision to allow the CA$51.7bn. (US$51.9bn.) cash and debt deal was overturned. The appeal court found in favour of a group of BCE bondholders which is seeking to block the takeover on the grounds that it lowers the value of bonds by massively raising debts at the company.

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Qualcomm invests in GSM-based femtocell firm.

Source: RCR.

Qualcomm is to buy a stake in ip.access Ltd., a U.K.-based femtocell vendor. The dollar amount of the investment and Qualcomm’s relative share in ip.access were not made public, but ip.access said the stake was not a controlling one.
Other well-known ip.access investors include the venture capital arm of Intel, Cisco Systems and Motorola.

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US lifts Cuba handset ban.

Source: TeleGeography.

George Bush has said Americans will soon be allowed to send mobile phones to relatives in Cuba. The change in US policy follows the Cuban government’s easing last month of restrictions on mobile phone ownership.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Verizon Business expands its professional consulting services.

Source: Converge.

Verizon Business is significantly increasing the number and range of its professional consulting services. The goal is to provide end-to-end support from the network to the application layer.
The company announced that it is delivering a standardized set of more than 50 professional-service capabilities in 30 countries around the globe. The services will be delivered through 2,700 specially trained and experienced consultants in five key practice areas.

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Microsoft loses U.S. patent suit vs Alcatel-Lucent.

Source: Reuters.

The U.S. International Trade Commission has stated that Microsoft has lost a lawsuit that had accused Alcatel-Lucent of violating patents used in business telephone networks.
Microsoft had accused Alcatel-Lucent of infringing four patents for software in a system that integrates telephones with computers for calls, messages and videoconferences.

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Cisco/Ovum study projects strong growth for managed services .

Source: Converge.

The market for the four leading managed IP-based services has a current compound annual growth rate of 18% and is expected to deliver revenues of US$66bn. by 2012, according to a new study commissioned by Cisco and carried out by Ovum. These four services are managed metro Ethernet, managed IP Virtual Private Networks, managed IP voice and managed security.
The multi-year study collected data from more than 1,300 individuals in companies using managed services in 14 countries across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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G9 returns as Terria.

Source: TeleGeography.

The G9 consortium of telecoms companies will this week lodge an AU$5m. (US$4.79m.) bond to bid for the federal government’s national broadband network. The G9, which includes Optus, announced it would now be known as Terria. Michael Egan, who was appointed G9 chairman last week, said Terria was bidding to ensure there was open access to the proposed network. The other companies in the consortium are Telecom New Zealand-owned AAPT, PowerTel, IiNet, Internode, Macquarie Telecom, Primus, Soul and TransAct.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

BCE takeover details still being thrashed out.

Source: TeleGeography.

The proposed leveraged buyout of BCE, parent of Bell Canada and Bell Aliant, is still incomplete as a group of banks are continuing to put pressure on the buying consortium to restructure the terms of their lending agreement. The lenders, including Citibank, Deutsche Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland, have reportedly ‘grown nervous’ due to the extent of their financial commitments in an uncertain credit environment and have adopted more aggressive negotiating tactics by pushing the buyers to reduce the purchase price and agree to more favourable loan interest rates.

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AOL completes acquisition of social network Bebo.

Source: Light Reading.

AOL has completed the acquisition of Bebo, the online social network focused on the youth market and particularly strong in the United Kingdom.
The Bebo acquisition gives AOL the third piece of a three-prong strategy focusing on advertising, publishing, and social networks.

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Vodafone buys up rest of Arcor.


Vodafone has announced that it has agreed to acquire the remaining 26.4% interest in German fixed line operator Arcor for EUR474m. in cash.
The company has bought the remaining shares off Deutsche Bahn and Deutsche Bank, and with full ownership of Arcor, Vodafone can lay claim to some 2.6m. DSL lines, representing 14% of the market.

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Mobile giants circle over Huawei handset sale.

Source: BWCS.

Vodafone and AT&T are said to be among the front runners to snap up the 50% stake in the handset division of Huawei Technologies that the Chinese company plans to sell. Huawei hopes to raise up to US$2bn. by letting in a new investor.
According to reports, the two telecoms companies, plus a host of private equity outfits including Blackstone, TPG and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts have all expressed an interest in the sale.

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‘Big Brother’ database for phones and e-mails.

Source: TimesOnline.

A massive UK government database holding details of every phone call, e-mail and time spent on the internet by the public is being planned as part of the fight against crime and terrorism. ISPs and telecoms companies would hand over the records to the Home Office under plans put forward by officials.
The information would be held for at least 12 months and the police and security services would be able to access it if given permission from the courts

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Microsoft goes back to Yahoo! with offer of merger deal.

Source: TimesOnline.

Microsoft has contacted Yahoo! over the last few days to explore the possibility of buying part of the online search engine, and hinted that it may still consider launching another bid for the entire group.
It is thought that the new talks have centred on merging the two companies’s online search businesses.

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Japanese MVNO secrets to be revealed.

Source: BWCS.

The telecoms ministry in Japan has said it will urge mobile companies to reveal the terms of the deals they have struck with mobile virtual network operators, in a bid to increase competition and boost the number of MVNOs coming into the market. The high costs of building sufficient base stations have so far put off many possible competitors from entering the Japanese mobile market.
The government will now seek to publish information on the deals struck by the major carriers: NTT DoCoMo, KDDI and Softbank with companies such as Walt Disney, eMobile (owned by eAccess Ltd) Willcom Inc and UQ Communications.

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Finisar and Optium to merge.

Source: Converge.

Finisar and Optium Corporation have agreed to an all-stock merger, creating one of the largest suppliers of optical components, modules and subsystems for the communications industry. Finisar is a leading supplier of components in the storage and data networking industries and Optium holds a leadership position in the telecommunications and CATV industries.

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Muni Wi-Fi: another one bites the dust.

Source: TeleGeography.

The US wireless broadband operator MetroFi is considering a sale of its municipal wireless LAN operations. The firm has citywide Wi-Fi networks in nine US cities, including San Jose in California and Aurora, Illinois and says it will close the networks in 30 to 60 days if a buyer is not found. The announcement from MetroFi follows the recent decision by another municipal Wi-Fi operator, Earthlink, which has also opted to exit the market.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Qualcomm aces U.K. spectrum auction.

Source: TelecomWeb.

Qualcomm walked off with 40 megahertz of L-band spectrum in U.K. regulator Ofcom’s fifth auction.
Qualcomm is the parent of the MediaFLO mobile-TV offering that challenges DVB-H, the technology touted by the EC as the standard for all of Europe.
Qualcomm paid US$16.3m., almost 10 times the reserve price of US$1.86m. Ofcom had set for the auction.

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Shops secretly track customers via mobile phone.

Source: TimesOnline.

Customers in UK shopping centres are having their every move tracked by a new type of surveillance that listens in on the whisperings of their mobile phones.
The technology can tell when people enter a shopping centre, what stores they visit, how long they remain there, and what route they take as they walked around.
The device cannot access personal details about a person’s identity or contacts, but privacy campaigners expressed concern about potential intrusion should the data fall into the wrong hands.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Verizon to supply Homeland Security.

Source: TeleGeography.

Verizon Communications has been contracted in a US$678.5m. deal as the primary supplier of network equipment and services to the US Department of Homeland Security over the next ten years. The deal is part of the US General Services Administration’s US$48bn. Networx Universal programme, which is the largest federal telecoms contract ever awarded by the GSA. AT&T was named as the secondary provider for the Homeland Security Department.

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Embarq drops Sprint.

Source: TeleGeography.

Embarq, the regional telco spun off from Sprint Nextel in 2006, has confirmed that it will end its MVNO deal with its former parent company next year. Embarq is following Qwest Communications lead as the latter also ended its resale deal with Sprint recently. It has been reported that Embarq had been aiming to reach the one million subscriber mark through its partnership with Sprint, but the reality was just 112,000 wireless customers at the end of 2007.

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CBS to pay US$1.8bn. for CNET Networks.


CBS, the US broadcast network, has agreed to pay US$1.8bn. in cash to acquire CNET Networks, the technology and entertainment website operator.
The media company, which already operates sites such as and, is seeking to ramp up its digital activities at a time when a slowing economy and new technology are pressing the traditional television and radio businesses that supply the majority of its revenues.

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Third NZ cellco coming up on the inside.

Source: TeleGeography.

New Zealand’s Ministry of Economic Development has reached agreements with Telecom and Vodafone to renew their cellular spectrum rights in the 800MHz and 900MHz bands in a deal that also paves the way for a third mobile operator to enter the market. As a condition of the NZ$106m. (US$80.35m.) deal which will run for the next 20 years, Telecom and Vodafone are obliged to make some of the spectrum available to a new entrant. Both Telecom and Vodafone have completed sales of spectrum to NZ Communications, formerly Econet Wireless.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yahoo faces struggle for control.

Source: BBC.

Yahoo faces a proxy fight for control of the company by a billionaire activist with a history of closing controversial corporate deals.
Carl Icahn has announced he will file a slate of alternate directors to replace the present board when it gets together for its shareholder meeting on 3 July.
Mr Icahn purchased 50 million shares in Yahoo after Microsoft walked away from talks in May to buy the net portal.

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FCC contemplates new D-block spectrum sale.

Source: TeleGeography.

The FCC has voted unanimously to consider a second sale of D-Block radio spectrum. The FCC is seeking comment on how the new auction should be conducted and will accept public comments for the next 30 days, before responding after a further 15 days.

Posted by Judith — 3:08 AM

Virgin Mobile USA confirms SK Telecom talks.

Source: RCR.

Following much speculation, Virgin Mobile USA Inc. has confirmed that it is in preliminary discussions with SK Telecom to explore possible strategic opportunities. Those opportunities are expected to include a possible merging of Virgin Mobile USA and SK Telecom-controlled mobile virtual network operator Helio L.L.C.

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Comcast acquires social network pioneer Plaxo.

Source: InternetNews.

Comcast Corp has agreed to acquire pioneering Web start-up Plaxo Inc, which first sought to turn address books into social networks and laid the foundation for Friendster and Facebook.

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Deutsche Telekom takes 25% stake in OTE for EUR3.2bn.

Source: TeleGeography.

DT has clinched a deal giving it a 25% stake and management control of Greece’s former monopoly telco OTE for a total price of around EUR3.2bn. (US$4.95bn.). Assuming the transaction is approved by parliament and the regulatory authorities, DT and the government will hold equal shares and have joint management control of OTE.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Leap goes live in Vegas

Source: With Metro’s launch there in March, the two all-you-can-eat operators are positioned to go head-to-head in the one of the country’s fastest growing markets…

With Metro’s launch there in March, the two all-you-can-eat operators are positioned to go head-to-head in the one of the country’s fastest growing markets

Posted by Penny — 3:39 PM

HP agrees US$13.9bn. deal for EDS.


Hewlett-Packard has agreed to buy Electronic Data Systems, one of the the world’s biggest information technology services companies, forUS$13.9bn.
The US$25 a share all cash price represented a 4% premium to EDS’ closing share price on Monday and a 27% premium to the company’s trading price on Monday just before news of the deal broke.

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EarthLink to pull the plug on Wi-Fi in Philadelphia.

Source: NYT.

EarthLink Inc. is pulling the plug on its troubled wireless high-speed Internet network in Philadelphia, once touted as a national model.
The company, which pinned its future on municipal Wi-Fi networks following rapid declines in its dial-up Internet access business, said that it could not find a buyer for the US$17m. network.

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Sprint faces legal challenge to WiMAX partnership.

Source: TeleGeography.

Sprint Nextel’s newly announced WiMAX partnership with Clearwire is facing legal action from one of Sprint’s affiliate operators. The affiliate company, iPCS, which offers wireless services under the Sprint brand in 80 markets in Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio and Tennessee, says the WiMAX venture breaches its exclusivity rights in its service areas.

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Tata expands global voice network with Sonus .

Source: Converge.

Tata Communications will expand its global voice network using gear from Sonus Networks.
The company will work with Sonus’ services team to facilitate the migration from its legacy network onto the new IP-based network. Initial deployment cities include Newark, Toronto, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Frankfurt and Singapore.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hewlett-Packard said to be close to buying EDS.

Source: NYT.

HP, the personal computer and printer maker, is close to a deal to acquire the Electronic Data Systems Corporation, the operator of corporate computer systems, for US$12.6bn. in cash.
A deal would make H.P. the second-largest player to I.B.M. Such a merger would be Hewlett-Packard’s largest since it acquired Compaq for US$20bn. six years ago

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AlcaLu, Reliance form Joint Venture

Source: Light Reading.

Alcatel-Lucent is forming a JV with Reliance Communications Ltd. to provide managed network services to fixed and mobile operators and large enterprises in India and, eventually, worldwide, targeting a market the new partners believe is worth US$16bn. a year.
AlcaLu will own 67%and Reliance 33% of the new entity.

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MegaFon says it could invest US$4.6bn. in Iran.

Source: TeleGeography.

Russia’s third-largest mobile operator MegaFon has announced that it was prepared to invest around US$4.6bn. to build a GSM network in Iran. MegaFon previously announced that it planned to establish a subsidiary in Iran as a launch pad to expand in the Middle East. The cellco, whose owners include TeliaSonera, Telecominvest and Alfa/Altimo, operates across Russia but currently has just one international subsidiary, in Tajikistan.

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Vodafone enters Chile via Entel partnership.


Vodafone has announced that it has forged a strategic alliance allowing it to introduce Vodafone-branded products and services in Chile.
Under an agreement with second placed Chilean operator, Entel PCS, Vodafone will introduce a range of push email devices, branded handsets and HSDPA USB modems.
Entel is the strongest competitor to Chilean market leader Telefonica Moviles, which dominates the mobile space with 6.4m. subscribers at the end of March. Entel trails slightly with 5.8m. customers.

Posted by Judith — 3:10 AM

Virgin takes WiMAX to Russia.

Source: TeleGeography.

UK-based Virgin Group is preparing to announce a WiMAX wireless broadband partnership in Russia. Virgin is reported to be setting up a venture with local wireless ISP Trivon, in which Virgin has a stake. WiMAX networks will be deployed in 30 Russian cities.

Posted by Judith — 3:03 AM

Monday, May 12, 2008

More iPhone carriers revealed.


Apple has revealed the names of yet more operator partners who will be carrying the iPhone.
Optus, SingTel, Bharti Airtel and Globe have all signed an agreement with Apple to bring the iPhone to Australia, Singapore, India and the Philippines respectively later this year.

Posted by Judith — 7:23 AM

German telecoms watchdog abandons case against DT.

Source: TeleGeography.

German telecoms watchdog Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA) has dropped its case against DT regarding market abuse with respect to unbundling of the local loop. Increased demand for last mile connections from competitors had led to a large backlog of lines needed to be switched over by DT, which in turn led to long delays in rival operators being able to provide telephony and DSL access to their customers. Arcor and Telefonica filed separate complaints with the regulator in December 2007, and a detailed investigation was launched into unbundling by DT.
DT has given the regulator a commitment to improving its procedures and contracts on local loop unbundling, and for the next 18 months will regularly update BNetzA on the current demand for last mile switching.

Posted by Judith — 6:14 AM

US$6.5bn. contract up for grabs in India.

Source: BWCS.

The race is on to win a huge order for mobile network equipment from BSNL, the Indian state-run telecoms company. This week, BSNL will invite bids for a new GSM supply deal said to be worth US$6.5bn. The contract will require the winning bidder to supply capacity for 93m. new GSM connections.

Posted by Judith — 4:47 AM

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Microsoft contests US$1.4bn. EU fine.

Source: BBC.

Microsoft has appealed against a EUR899m. (US$1.4bn; GBP680.9m.) fine given for defying sanctions imposed on it for anti-competitive behaviour.
The penalty - the largest ever from the EC - came after it failed to comply with a 2004 ruling that it abused its market position.

Posted by Judith — 4:37 AM

Friday, May 9, 2008

Vonage turns a double play.

Source: Light Reading.

Vonage has announced that it is teaming with Covad Communications Inc. to sell DSL services to its customers. The service will be branded Vonage Broadband and will offer maximum downstream speeds between 3 Mbit/s and 6 Mbit/s by the end of this year.
It was an obvious move for Vonage, which faced a tough competitive landscape against incumbents and cable MSOs offering triple play services.

Posted by Judith — 5:31 AM

Cablevision plans wireless broadband network.

Source: NYT.

Cable TV provider Cablevision Systems Corp. has disclosed plans to offer high-speed wireless Internet service across its coverage area in the New York region.
The service will be built out over the next two years or so and offer Cablevision’s existing Internet customers online access through mobile devices such as the iPhone, BlackBerry handsets or laptop computers.

Posted by Judith — 2:42 AM

CopperGate acquires Conexant’s HomePlug AV powerline technology.

Source: Converge.

CopperGate Communications has acquired Conexant Systems’ HomePlug AV business.
CopperGate is already the leading provider of HomePNA compliant chipsets, the dominant coax and phone wire standard for IPTV installations. The company said the acquisition makes it the first semiconductor company with home networking technologies supporting all three wire types — coax, phone and power lines. is the working group name for the next generation global home networking standard being created within the ITU-T. With, coax, phone wires and power lines will all be supported by a single standard. Today, there are twenty-five active global members of including AT&T, Verizon, France Telecom, Intel and TI.

Posted by Judith — 2:22 AM

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Best Buy plans new investment in U.K. retailer

Source: WSJ.

Best Buy Co. will form a joint venture with Carphone Warehouse PLC, Europe’s largest cellphone retailer, involving a GBP1.1bn. (US$2.15bn.) investment by the U.S. retail giant.
Carphone Warehouse will put its European and U.S. retail businesses, or more than 2400 stores, into the joint venture, in return for the cash payment from the electronics retailer.

Posted by Judith — 4:13 AM

Google forces Verizon’s hand on open access.


Google has forced a guarantee from Verizon Wireless that the US carrier will abide by the open access requirements on its recently won 700MHz spectrum.

Posted by Judith — 3:26 AM

Sweden sells service-neutral spectrum.

Source: BWCS.

Sweden has followed Norway’s example and auctioned off a series of technology neutral blocks of wireless spectrum. The Swedish telecoms regulator completed the auction of spectrum in the 2.6GHz band this week. In total the sale raised SKr2.1bn. (EUR225.4m.) for the government. In the end, five companies were successful -mobile operator 3, Intel, Tele2, Telenor and TeliaSonera.

Posted by Judith — 3:26 AM

Tiscali expecting eight bids.

Source: TeleGeography.

Tiscali is expecting to receive eight non-binding offers for its assets. The bidders are named as BSkyB, BT Group, Carphone Warehouse, the Virgin Group, Fastweb, Vodafone, Telecom Italia and Wind. Only Vodafone is believed to be interested in the whole of the group, while the others are only interested in either the UK or Italian businesses.

Posted by Judith — 3:20 AM

Comcast reaches for a cap as it feels the heat.

Source: TeleGeography.

Comcast, the US’s second-largest internet service provider, has confirmed the company is considering introducing a monthly download cap. It has been reported that the limit will be set at 250GB with excess usage fees for those that excede the limit.

Posted by Judith — 2:24 AM

European Commission considers SMS roaming price cap.

Source: NYT.

Caps on the price of sending an SMS from a mobile phone while abroad came a step closer when the EC launched a two-month public consultation into its rules on mobile phone roaming charges.
As well as seeking general feedback on the impact of the European Union law on roaming charges for voice calls that came into force last year, the Commission also asked stakeholders whether regulation is necessary for data roaming services and SMS in light of current retail prices and market developments.

Posted by Judith — 2:14 AM

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sprint and Clearwire to Combine WiMAX Businesses, Creating a New Mobile Broadband Company

Source: Clearwire Corporation and Sprint Nextel Corporation today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement to combine their next-generation wireless broadband businesses to form a new wireless communications company….

Clearwire Corporation and Sprint Nextel Corporation today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement to combine their next-generation wireless broadband businesses to form a new wireless communications company.

Posted by Penny — 4:42 PM

Verizon joins another undersea cable network.

Source: Reuters.

Verizon’s business unit has announced that it will help to build an undersea cable connecting Europe, the Middle East and India.
Verizon Business, the phone company’s unit in charge of corporate clients, said it joined a consortium of 16 companies to build a 9,000 mile optical cable system linking the three continents.
The network, named the Europe India Gateway, is due to be completed in 2010 and cost more than US$700m.

Posted by Judith — 4:13 AM

A technology consortium plans a wireless network.

Source: NYT.

A consortium including Sprint Nextel, Google, Intel, Comcast, Time Warner and Clearwire is reported to be intending to build the first of a new generation of nationwide wireless data networks.
The partners have put the value of the deal at US$12bn., a figure that includes radio spectrum and equipment provided by Sprint Nextel and Clearwire, and US$3.2bn. from the others involved.
They expect the network, which will provide the next generation of high-speed Internet access for cellphone users, to be built in as little as two years. The partners are seeking to beat Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless to the market.

Posted by Judith — 3:21 AM

Bournemouth homes get fast fibre.

Source: BBC.

Bournemouth has been announced as the first UK town to get super-fast fibre via the sewers.
It is part of a plan from fibre firm H20 to extend its underground sewer networks from businesses to consumers.
It will bring broadband of up to 100Mbps (megabits per second) to 88,000 homes in the Dorset town and is the largest scheme of its kind in the UK.

Posted by Judith — 2:26 AM

BT to resell Siemens’ converged communications solution .

Source: Converge.

BT and Siemens Enterprise Communications have entered into a global sales agreement to offer a converged communications solution for large multinational enterprises. The solution combines Siemens OpenScape suite of communications software applications and OpenScale services with BT’s MPLS network.

Posted by Judith — 2:05 AM

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Qwest hangs up on Sprint Nextel.

Source: NYT.

Qwest Communications has announced that it has decided to start reselling mobile phone service provided by Verizon Wireless. That means it will stop selling the mobile phone service that it currently provides over the Sprint Nextel network.

Posted by Judith — 4:29 AM

Google seeks open-access pledge from Verizon.

Source: NYT.

Google has asked the FCC to obtain a pledge from Verizon Wireless that it will honor the open-access conditions on a band of 700MHz spectrum before selling the spectrum to the carrier.
The FCC’s open-access rules required the winner of the C block to allow customers to connect wireless devices of their choosing and run any applications on the network using the C block.

Posted by Judith — 3:34 AM

Apple forced into iPhone contracts U-turn.

Source: TimesOnline.

Italy has become the first country to sell the iPhone on a non-exclusive basis, suggesting that Apple’s strategy of tying its device to one network in each territory may be unravelling.
This morning Vodafone and Telecom Italia announced that they had both won contracts to bring the iPhone to Italy later in the year - ending a year-long stretch in which only one operator had the right to the iPhone in each country.
Vodafone also said it had won the right to distribute the device in nine other countries, including Australia, New Zealand, and India - a mobile market which is growing rapidly, but where the majority of customers are pre-pay rather than contract - a situation that does not suit Apple’s revenue model.

Posted by Judith — 3:02 AM

Monday, May 5, 2008

O2 achieves 80% 3G coverage target.

Source: TeleGeography.

Having failed in its obligation to achieve 80% population coverage of its 3G network by the start of the year, Ofcom has now confirmed that O2 UK has met the requirement, saving itself from the penalty of having its contract shortened by four months. The four other British 3G licence holders, H3G, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone, all met the original deadline.

Posted by Judith — 4:15 AM

Microsoft walks away from Yahoo.

Source: BBC.

Software giant Microsoft has dropped its three-month-old bid to buy internet firm Yahoo because the two sides cannot agree on an acceptable sale price.
Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has formally withdrawn the offer of US$47.5bn. (GBP24.1bn.) in a letter to Yahoo chief executive Jerry Yang.

Posted by Judith — 3:22 AM

Deutsche Telekom considers bid for Sprint.


Deutsche Telekom is reported to be weighing a bid to acquire Sprint Nextel Corp. that could catapult the German telecommunications giant’s wireless arm, T-Mobile USA, to the No. 1 position in the U.S.

Posted by Judith — 3:00 AM

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lock in the experience.

Source: TeleGeography.

Vodafone New Zealand plans to lock new mobile phones so they can only be used on its own mobile network and says it will charge NZ$50 to unlock new handsets if people want to use a different operator.
Unsurprisingly the move has come at the same time as its rival Telecom is preparing to launch a GSM network, whilst New Zealand Communications (NZC) is also entering the fray.

Posted by Judith — 4:12 AM

Friday, May 2, 2008

Google, IBM join forces to dominate ‘Cloud Computing’.

Source: InformationWeek.

With Microsoft and Yahoo in an icy stalemate over a proposed merger, rivals IBM and Google are ramping up efforts to jointly dominate what they believe will be the dominant software delivery model in the 21st century — so called cloud computing.
IBM and Google plan to exploit their common technological world view and considerable talent to build a worldwide network, or cloud, of servers from which consumers and businesses will tap everything from online soccer schedules to advanced engineering applications.

Posted by Judith — 3:36 AM

Microsoft weighs options on Yahoo.

Source: BBC.

Microsoft has yet to decide if it will up its US$41.8bn.(GBP21bn.) bid for Yahoo, go hostile or walk away from the deal.
A meeting of the Microsoft board on Wednesday is reported to have ended without any decision.

Posted by Judith — 3:14 AM

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Aastra wraps Ericsson division buyout.

Source: TelecomWeb.

The ink now is dry on Aastra’s acquisition of Ericsson’s Enterprise Communications Division. The integrated business will be marketed under the Aastra brand name.
Canada-based Aastra also believes Ericsson’s Enterprise Communications will extend its reach into IP communication servers and Unified Communication aimed at both small and large businesses. It also plans to focus on integrated mobility products and services.

Posted by Judith — 3:38 AM

BT introduces ADSL2+ Wholesale Broadband service .

Source: Converge.

BT will begin offering a Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) service to ISPs over its 21CN. The service uses ADSL2+ for a maximum downstream capacity of 24 Mbps.
WBC will initially be available from exchanges serving around one million homes and businesses. The service will progressively roll out across the country, rising to a potential footprint of 10m. homes and businesses by the spring of 2009.

Posted by Judith — 3:27 AM

AT&T mobile TV.

Source: TeleGeography.

AT&T has announced that it will launch its MediaFLO-based mobile TV service on 4 May. AT&T Mobile TV will feature two exclusive channels in addition to the eight standard channels which are available on Verizon’s competing VCAST TV service. AT&T says 53 cities will be covered at launch, covering about 129m. people.

Posted by Judith — 3:18 AM

Mobile giants form web technology lab.


Mobile giants Vodafone and China Mobile, and Japanese operator Softbank have agreed to establish a Joint Innovation Lab (JIL) to promote the development of new mobile internet technologies, applications and services.
Vodafone has an existing interest in China Mobile, in which it holds a 3.3% stake, as well as Softbank, which acquired Vodafone’s ailing Japanese unit in 2006.

Posted by Judith — 3:07 AM

StarHub teams up with M1 and Hong Kong’s City Telecom for NGN bid.

Source: TeleGeography.

Singaporean telecoms rivals StarHub and MobileOne Asia have joined forces with Hong Kong’s City Telecom to submit a bid for rights to build Singapore’s upcoming high speed broadband network. The triumvirate have established a new consortium, Infinity Consortium, to submit a bid.

Posted by Judith — 2:44 AM

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